Sunday, March 1, 2009

Barretarre, Great Exuma Island, Exuma

Feb 28th – Mar 1st

Our original plan was to leave Black Point and overnight in Lee Stocking Island where there is a marine research center that provides tours. However, the day we were to arrive, the tours were not being conducted. So, we decided to continue on to Barretarre. This route would take us off the Bahama Banks and into the Exuma Sound. The cut we went through was the roughest we have ever had to navigate. We literally had waves crashing over the boat. That is no small feat on a 41 foot catamaran that has close to a 6 foot freeboard. But our efforts were rewarded with a large Mahi Mahi. The only problem was timing. Right when all hell was breaking loose, the fish hit.

Once we arrived in Barretarre, Ally and Jennie made an awesome curry sauce and cooked up some of the fresh Mahi. Unfortunetly, refrigeration problems would claim much of the fish before we could eat it.

Barretarre is an often missed community. This is mainly due to the shallow anchorage. We draw about 4 feet and barely made it in near low tide. Once there however, we met some wonderful people. Wayne McKenzie, his mother and other family welcomed us into their church and home. After church, the McKenzie family invited us over for supper. Emma and Ally were in heaven with a couple of playmates.

After a very rough trip the day before, Jennie, Emma and Ally decided they wanted to get a cab to Georgetown and Brian would take the boat. But again, the kindness of the McKenzie family would be apparent. Wayne offered to take the girls to Georgetown instead of having to take a taxi. Thank you – Wayne.

A quick stop – on to Georgetown.